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Do I need a protection plan?

Insurance, price and conditions vary between rental companies.

Some rental companies require that you already have insurance in order to rent a truck. That’s where we come in. Before you complete your booking, Flexter will let you know if the rental company you have chosen requires insurance coverage to proceed with the rental. If coverage is required, don’t stress! You have several options.

First, check if your personal automobile or credit card insurance already covers you. If you don’t have existing insurance, normally fleet owners will require you to add some before moving forward with your booking. Read on to discover your options!

1. Auto Insurance Policy. If you already have personal automobile insurance, liability (for example, damage to third parties) may be covered when renting. However it’s important to thoroughly check your policy as some contain restrictions on the weight of rental vehicles or do not cover damage to a rental truck. Look for endorsement 27 as it is specifically designed to cover damage caused to rental vehicles.  The quickest way to verify whether your automobile insurance policy provides you with the necessary protection is to check with your insurer or broker. Also note that if you are transporting personal property, it is important to check with your home insurer to see whether these items are covered during transport.

2. Credit Card Coverage. Credit card issuers sometimes offer rental vehicle insurance. However protection offered varies greatly from product to product and many policies contain restrictions on the weight of rental vehicles. In order to verify if your credit card gives you adequate protection, contact the company that issued your credit card. Note that you must use your credit card to make the payment in order to benefit from the protection provided by your credit card. This card must also be in the name of the driver of the reserved vehicle.

3. Renter Protection. If you are not adequately covered by your auto insurance or credit card, the fleet owner will require purchase of a coverage package. Sometimes more than one coverage package is offered by the rental company. Carefully read the specifics to understand the variations and extent of the coverage to find which one suits your needs!

Next Steps: If you have auto or credit card insurance make sure you have proof of satisfactory coverage on hand. Usually a copy of your insurance policy provided by your insurer, broker or credit card company, should be sufficient. If necessary, you can contact the rental company to make sure you have all required documents.

*Please note that the coverage may vary from product to product and merits careful consideration depending on the intended use of the rented vehicle. The following may vary from one coverage plan to another: amount applicable fordamage caused to third parties with a rental, the coverage of goods transported or coverage for damage to rental. Also if you plan to use a rental in the United States, increasing your liability insurance coverage may be a good idea.


The renter does not require insurance coverage and I am not covered: what are the risks?

In the event that you do not have any coverage and an incident occurs while using a rented truck, you could be held liable to reimburse damages caused to the rental vehicle and to a third party amongst other scenarios. It never hurts to be prepared, which is why we heavily recommend taking the necessary steps to ensure you’re protected. 

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