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What types of vehicles does Flexter offer?

At Flexter we have three main vehicle categories, each with sub-variations.


Cargo vans

Compact, standard and oversized cargo vans.

Cargo Van Compact: This van can accomplish bigger jobs than standard pickups. With a length of roughly 8 feet, a typical example would include a Ford Transit Connect.

Cargo Van Standard: This size of cargo van typically includes Ford Econolines and GMC Savanas. They are about 8 feet long and depending on the model, may feature a high roof. They typically sit 2 people and can be a good alternatives to Box Trucks 10’.

Cargo Van Extended: Roughly 10 feet in length and are considered good alternatives to smaller Box Trucks (10-12’). They often have a higher roof than the standard cargo van and an extended cargo space.


Box Trucks

Standard and oversize box trucks : 10-12', 12-14', 14-16', 16-18', 18-20', and 20’+.

Box Trucks 10-12’: These are the smallest size of box trucks. They are manoeuvrable, typically sit 2 people and are perfect for small jobs.

Box Trucks 12-14’: Easy to drive, the cube size makes transporting and moving goods, furniture or appliances easy. They typically sit 2 people.

Box Truck 14-16: Same features, just with a larger cargo space than the Box Truck 12 - 14’.

Box Truck 16-18’: This truck can accommodate bigger objects and will allow you to move contents from a 2 bedroom in one go. It typically sits 2 people.

Box Truck 18-20’: This truck has a larger capacity, can accommodate bigger objects and can allow you to move contents from a 3 bedroom house. It typically sits 2 people.

Box Truck 20’+: The largest of all our options. With this trucks capacity you can move contents from a 4 bedroom house. It also typically sits 2 people.



Standard Pickup: This kind of vehicle has 2 seats, single rear-wheels and a tray and is perfect for quick, small jobs.

Full-Size Pickups: Sometimes referred to as "super-duty". These typically have double rear-wheels and more capacity for larger objects.

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